bipolar, depression and (holistic) health

Body and brain

Bipolar and depression disorders run ramped through my family. There is a great majority of relatives with similar issues. As a kid it felt like an angry curse. As a mom I am so scared that I can’t break the cycle. Before I leave my living room I have picked up seven books to help me through this paper. There are so many was of dealing with problems within the realm of depression disorders through means of; energy, genetics, environmental, spiritual, and current biomedical treatments and using a holistic approach to overcome it. Everyone has taken a different approach to dealing with their lives some with greater consequence than others. As a holistic issue the difference that has occurred within the inevitable inheritance that affects ‘my tribe’.

The first chakra at the base of your spine deals with family issue’s  and how we relate to the world. This is where you first develop your belief system, where habits are formed(Myss,103). There have been five women in my family that have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. In the DSM 1V code is 296 this is someone with severe mood swings, having extreme joys and all out low and manic depressive with matching behavior(psychnet) Others have been diagnosed with things like post postpartum depression, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, manic depression, boarder line personality disorder, bulimic and anorexicThere is also some severe sexual issues ranging from being raped to dealing with the sex industry to having a very inconsistent sex life as a primal fear this would be seen as a second chakra. Cutting also runs in the family. There are five cutters I do believe that this phase is over but it is still very much an issue dealing with depression. No one knew that the other one was doing it. and this was occurring at different times in a 20 year period. For me I remember trying to kill my self and then falling asleep watching the blood drip. I did it several more times then found other ways to self medicate.  Some have more than one symptom or diagnosis where others have none. I am afraid that my kids and I show definite symptoms and have many issues as well, though our therapists have not diagnosed the kids. All of these dysfunctions of depression can result from the second chakra (129-130 Myss)

The chakras are a group of energy centers there are seven of them that are lined up from the crown of your head to the base of your spine. Each one has a lot of things that it can encompass. Energetically focusing on each one of these to help deal with and alleviate problems.(myss) Through energy diagnostics you can clear blockages that can build up and lead to serious health problems. Through modalities such as massage, reiki and acupuncture.

There is no none cure for bipolar, they do list bio medicines that may help like lithium, prozac. The severity of it depends upon the treatment.  Those who are able to stay away from drugs and alcohol, eat right and exercise can avoid medication (psychnet). I work with a therapist and stay  towards  a holistic approach, I have ptsd, I had postpartum depression and  I bet if I tried I could get diagnosed with bi polar as well. Those who are not able to follow a program have some terrible problems. They don’t stay consistent with their therapies; they don’t follow a healthy organic, chemical free, no sugar, no caffeine diet. I have seen them steadily decline and have these really complex dramas that they weave amongst themselves. They go back and forth between addictions and falling into rages, ostracizing themselves from the family for long periods of time. Their health takes a toll. Cancers  by Hays definition comes from deep hurt, longstanding resentment, deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatred (hays,159) and all kinds of other ailments like fibromyalgia and back problems ; emotion-Lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, holding back love, Guilt. Stuck in all that “stuff” back there. Get off my back. Fear of money. Lack of financial support ( hay,154 )

In my Brain and Body course there has been some discussion about this being passed down through the family. Weather it is genetics or learned behavior I want to figure it all out before I have to live another day in chaos. This topic keeps running around my head, but I am not going to base this report off of ‘woundology … use the revelation and exchange of our wounds as the substance of conversation’ (209, Myss) I will not blame . That is how we stay in a problem and  give away our power. Understanding enables us to rise above the issue and take control of our future.(35, Hay)

Through these  serious diagnoses we continue to work through issues . Trying to keep a family alive while dealing with problems and healing ourselves. One and four women will be depressed at some point in their lives compared to one in eight men. There are over seven million women in the United States with a diagnosable depression.(Foley,Nechas,136) Why? Dr. McGrath in her book Women and Depression; risk factors and treatment issues. “One study estimated that 37%before the age of 21 of women have had a significant experience of physical or sexual abuse. She also states that this number could be more like 50%. If it is genetics that is responsible  than can  people be held responsible for their actions?  learning to deal with your issues needs to happen no matter what you have to work with. Insanity as defined by Louise hay is fleeing from the family, escapism, withdrawal. Violent separation from life.

I haven’t raised my kids to believe that responsibility comes from a doctor contrived pill. Yet at the same time I find my self paying big bucks to find a natural holistic approach to dealing with the issue’s in my immediate family, the one that I am responsible for; my tribe, myself and my children. Each day I search out a new method. Herbal remedy’s chamomile and valerian, I have also learned from this class in brain and biology  that chocolate and coffee can have some positive effects on the brain. Chocolate releases endorphins and is a great antioxidant. Coffee also has an effect like ridilin in children where it helps to fire the synapses in the brain. A daily regiment of vitamins : magnesium and potassium levels up, 1-3,000 mg of vitamin c, d,  zinc and b’s Trying to keep us well stocked in your  these things help with anxiety issues, weight and over health and well being. This level of care is intense especially  important when you are the caretaker of the family.  My general belief is you have to keep going until you find what works. If after you take all the chemicals from your diet you still are not happy. Than search out biomedicine. There is a lot to be said for brain chemistry. When it is off than the saratonine stops firing than you need to find what is going to make it fire. Sometimes melatonin can help but other times you really need to see a doctor and have them treat you.

A lot of times this angry curse takes over our house and holds us back from having a good life. Is this brain chemistry? Something that I can’t fix or is this something that  could be a simple remedy? I think that it is worse for your body to rage than it is for your body to take a pill to make you feel normal. I have lived with both. Sometimes you have to feel good before you can know how to be good.

Doreen Virtue would call them  my indigo children, because they under every circumstance do whatever they can to impose their way on you. They are smart and have sensitivities to clothing, skin and cleaners florescent lights, they are spirited, compassionate, and energetic. Indigo and crystal children have this imminent light that shines on you holding your responsible for your actions. They have a way of making you become a better person just by knowing them. Making you want to search out the truth and fight for social justice. Classifying my quirky kids is like putting a spiritual name to our issues labeling them with a positive name for being who they are. For them I will try anything

They have taught me what love is, even through the chaos.


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Celiac disease, Cancer, Radiation and long term holistic health as a survivor

There are so many theories on cancer, radiation and the after shocks of the  protocol of killing cells. I am very interested in holistic approaches to going and staying cancer free. What does it take to stay alive after a diagnosis? How do you stay cancer free when genetics are working against you? What are the long term effects of radiation? How can we use holistic health practices to our advantage?

My Mom,  is a survivor of breast cancer; 175,000 woman are diagnosed with breast cancer a year(22,Weed) she had a double mastectomy and has been cancer free for 8 years. Two of the five women I know that have been diagnosed with cancer from that time period are still alive. I attribute a lot of this to their lifestyle changes. Ginger didn’t quit smoking and Jake didn’t quit drinking they died both last year.

Breast cancer prevention (20-25,weed) says there are a few things that help along the growth of breast cancer; Hormones including the one’s your body makes and the ones found in milk, meat, steroids and cortisone. Organochlorines are found out in pesticides and herbicides, plastics and other chlorine products like water and bleached paper. Radiation, Electromagnetic fields like the one’s emitted from microwaves and computers monitors, alcohol, and extra calories. Lights at night decrease melatonin which is benificial.  Sunscreen and mineral oil block the body’s ability to make vitamin d a great antioxidant that helps to fight cancer. Woman who wear bra’s show a 20%increase in breast cancer because they cut off circulation. Wearing anit-persperint decree’se the bodies ability to rid itself of toxins.


Good news though by changing to a healthy lifestyle it is reversible with the foods we eat like phytoestrogens, semi- vegetarian diet, lots of green veggies, lots of vitamin c, e, d, selenium and . Taking supplements is not as effective as eating real foods that contain these ingredients. Susan Weed has a few books on herbal remedies to help along your health. She makes herbalism easy to understand. She makes breast cancer a beatable case. What it comes down to is attitude and the ability to beat it…Regular exercise improves the body’s function of immune system and reduces stress. Taking the time for self care is important too. The typical women who has cancer is one who tries hard to please others.(22-25weed)Darell Shchmitt, 56, is a survivor of pancreatic cancer which has little to no success rate in overcoming. What is really interesting in this case is his diagnosis after surviving.  The Doctor’s found the cancer through biopsy’s that they took in the head of his pancreases. A biopsy is in essence very invasive way of finding cancer by cutting into the body and taking tissue samples from the place that has abnormal cells. Within two weeks of his Diagnosis he was on the operating table, three weeks after his terrible stomach pain that caused him to go to the doctors in the first place. ‘Aug. 28, 2007. Doctors removed the head and neck of Schmidty’s pancreas, half of his stomach, his gall bladder, bile duct, some lymph nodes and one-and-a-half feet of his small intestine.’ After the surgery he started loosing weight rapidly going from 206 to 155 in just a few weeks, he was very weak and grey. Soon he was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease and osteoporosis. Now he is taking 26 pills a day he has changed his diet and is living a good life.(Gardner) The only question that I have is if his celiac diagnosis came earlier than would it have saved him from having to endure cancers at all?

My son, Ocean was having really bad eczema all over his body but especially bad in the diaper area. He was just five years old. After I read the Atkins diet and discovered that wheat allergies come in varies forms and that most people are not able to process gluten in varies forms. After a long story his wheat allergy was diagnosed but not before other symptoms had taken over his body.  He had an anaphylactic reaction; he contracted staph and kept getting it during that first summer. He almost died. He couldn’t pick his head up off the chair, his stomach was bleeding. I got rid of the medicines and did a pure holistic approach to his issues. I got his diet under control, turns out wheat is in everything. As the toxicity was cleaned out of his system his skin cleared up and his energy returned. He was having topical symptoms of toxicity in his system and I was able to change this and solve his issue’s had I not than would he have also developed cancer?

I had never linked wheat allergy and eczema together. Ocean would have continued to show symptoms that would have been diagnosed as topical things like eczema. My nephew was diagnosed with psoriasis that was healed when he was taken off of wheat products. Now I dive into the internet search and find all kinds of links to wheat allergy’s and cancers, auto immune disorders, ‘osteoporosis, epilepsy, learning disorders, infertility, miscarriages, liver disease and a wide variety of problems.’( Miller) Gluten allergy’s mean that you are not processing your food properly. The digestion doesn’t work when you have gluten sensitivities; the body becomes nutritionally deficient causing auto immune deficiency. Not all who have one thing will have another, everything depends on environmental conditions.

The tissue damage from the inability to digest wheat gluten proteins causes so many varieties of problems that won’t ever be considered by most physicians as a issue. Every body has cells that could mutate; a healthy body takes care of these. If your body is compromised through stress or improper digestion these cells could turn cancerous, you could get sick from the common cold or other auto immune problems could take over.

“Gluten contains opioid mimicking peptides called exorphins that have been found to cause such a state. These peptides can increase the risk of cancer by preventing the immune system’s natural killer cells from detecting and destroying cancerous cells. Exorphins can also facilitate the progression of cancer by increasing insulin production which has the effect of feeding cancer cells and assisting their growth.’(Miller)

So just taking gluten out of your diet could significantly alter your body’s ability to fight anything. Gluten has peptides that resemble human tissue’s making the body react through antibodies to attack different organs of the body.(Miller) Keeping your immune system operating at ‘maximum efficiency’ (Micheaud and Feinstein)is essential to avoid cancer.

Avoiding all carcinogens in the environment is important to keeping cancer at bay when you are genetically disposed to having an uprising in your body. Other ways to keep your immune system a boost according to preventions fighting disease is by getting some exercise, laughing, sleeping and staying away from smoking and sunlight. Taking vitamins a, b, c, d, and zinc need to become part of everyday living.. The trick is that even chemo won’t work after doing it once, you have to keep trying different things.

By reducing all health issue’s to just two culprit’s, we can simplify treatments. There are living things like parasites and toxins that hamper our body’s ability to fight deterioration. Dr. Clark has many case studies that cure all dis-ease. She has discovered a way to build an electronic pulse that zaps parasites within minuets or through a series of cleanses she has found a way to kill them within weeks.  She claims that cancer is a parasite called fluke dis-ease. If you kill the parasite than you kill the cancer.(331,Clark) fasciopsis buskii is a flat worm in the intestines, usually living a quiet life, the eggs should pass with the bowls. Evolution states that the human carrier will allow fluke to live longer as long as the human stays alive.

What happens if the flukes egg’s are not able to pass through the intestines and hatch? Than it starts to travel around the body, laying egg’s in the breast and then the breast’s inability to kill the fluke leads to the imbalance of cancer cells. As long as the there is a abnormal solvent like isopropyl alcohol in our everyday products; ‘Bottled water, decaffeinated caffeine, white sugar, carbonated beverages, fruit juices, hair stuff, skin stuff, sprays and hand sanitizers,’(335, Clark) the fluke will thrive.

Clark also goes on to state that carcinogens once thought to cause cancer are actually agents in showing cancer where to develop. Cigarettes will cause the lungs to weaken and cancer to develop there. Nickel will lead the flukes to the pancreases. Top carcinogens would include; ‘Freon, Copper, fiberglass or asbestos, mercury as in tooth fillings, lead, formaldehyde and nickel.’(337, Clark) There is a mold that grows on food that also decreases the bodies ability to detoxify alcohol in our body, so she suggest that we use powdered vitamins c on all of our foods to boost that ability. Then follow her parasite cleanse.

My personal case study with the parasite cleanse happened this past semester. Due to my acl injury, actually there was a bunch of injury in my knee when I broke that ligament. Much of the muscles pulled and sprained around the knee. What dr. Clark explains is that through injury and over usage of a area toxins and fluke accumulation will build up around that area in the form of kidney stones, heal spurs, muscle knots, lumps. I ended up with a very painful heal spur that lasted until a few days after I started this cleanse. Three ingredients; clove, wormwood and black walnut. It has been 8 weeks that I have been pain free.