Songs of the Gypsy

Soul Love Songs of a Gypsy

Connected to the source

Of inspiration

My heart opened from years

of being neglected

I could feel my desires

Focus in appreciation

My tears flowed freely like a river

Of the divine

Being nourished

And time stood still

Run away

I sat by the sea

And listened for my heart to beat

I waited for someone who loved me

The ocean roaring, waiting to take me

I look to the sky and a light shone on my face

Nourish in the divine….United again

The world tuning below my feet

A power greater than the difference

Between you and I

The moon in the midnight sky


Quiet desperation

Laced with inspiration

A time of introspection

In a time of monetary deception

I revel in

Anticipation at the known

Existence of angels

Saving my soul

From the depths of all my obstacles

Fellowship zone

Hello, sip of sweet sin

Wink of an eye

Smiles of the sly

Everyone’s friends

in the fellowship zone

flyin high in wonders sky

open wide, mind flies

Chaos on the mental plane

can’t change, gotta stray

Square scares me more

hope and dreams are realities

Loves a trip of sid

vicious hate and rage

not ,

in the fellowship zone

only innocent and sweet


When I see

my eyes are wide.

Every day I walk a new stride.

Never in the same life

Shall I eat

Not savoring every bite.

Capture each moment

Hold down slow,

Enjoy the show.

Time is my


Life is so little

To rush is not precious

Unless riches prevail

Smokey is my reality,

Hazy is my scene

Lazy is my body

From making me scream.

My mind is on overtime

Dreams and desires

Soon to be

Loving kindly

Teach me mildly

Hold on to your words forever

Teach me rough and ill learn other stuff.

Teach me reality and ill sell you dreams.

When you’re mean

I grow old

My blood goes cold.

My mind is a brick wall

I swim in a ocean of

Misery, furiously

I cry

I want so much in

Life, not to sacrifice

There’s not enough time,

to waste a second.

This gypsy soul,

Needs to travel more;

Dance and sing, live in peace.

Hold on to love as one

Appreciate time



Reaction to action

Whatever it may be

Affecting me




Make me wanna

Drink a potion

To cure social

Perspectives of


Ways of living.



Its only through

The heart of a woman

That I can see

My age race

And time settles

Me in places

Stillness doesn’t

Quite settle

Or endure

Through sentiment

Nor can I live

Though inside

Ive been awakend

I cease to destroy

The independence

I gathered

In the awakening

In these moments

I lay justified

In my guilt



Soiled doves

I am



To innocent to turn

A tide

Not so, to splash

My mind

History plays on

Future so clean

A purifing mists

Of change

Sacred notion

Pivotal motion

In areas of realm

Amid sweet chocolate

I add spice

To taste

For vitality

I come alive

In love

One single morsel



As though it seems

Eternity never waits…

Nor stops for fate to pass


each linked second

Of a time


The center core of my being

Cannot compare

The longing alternate   style

Waiting impatient dawns

Through awakened hours

I see through your eyes

Can you venture through mine?

Finding mission unlikely

Standing face to face

Fighting the devil, pimps and crooks and drunks


won by love

I feel so alive this bright sunny day

Living life as a survivor

Ignorance is a lesson learned

Another day I ride

Sad songs of yesterday always make me cry

Thinking it’s about time

Life is way to insane

My next heart beat

Dead and raped on the street

Don’t look over your shoulder

The nights grow colder

Until I find a warm embrace

Living free

Yesterday’s dreams

Will be tomorrow’s realities

Should be today’s

I have to go

Travel and explore

Gotta keep moving away from these rough days

Destiny controls my heart beat

Holding free

A soul wanting to go higher

Talents Unknown

Many stories untold

Until an old soul whispers behind a pen

The words flow


Past lives

What the future hides

Cannot see

Evil, only peace

Dreams of living free

Wish I knew


July 1997, Virginia Beach





There are choices to make in life

One could turn your whole world around


I feel like I am walking on glass

Just one wrong step

My blood will stain the world red

I’m always on the edge

Time changes everything

So I’ve only got fate to map my way time

Experiencing life, for it may be short lived

Any day, any time

It could all end

Just a soul let loose

Feeling so lost

Trapped by life going day to day

My choices made in time

Losing control

Time on me

Plays games

Teaches morality

Each passing day

I believe in each of the mysteries

that pass before me

From the warmth of my belly

I hear my heart roar

Motivation in the heat of desire

A new passion renders my soul

Secrets held in pieces of me

As an untouchable

Count my ways to play

on my mental plane





Listen child no matter

How old

Don’t speak without meaning

And you shall learn

And rage in theory

Only one chance to play

When I play the game

I don’t play to win

I play for immortality

West Virginia, 1997

Seas of sanction

Guilt reigns

Mirrored pains

Washing my face

From societies


State of minds

Seas of sanction

Realms of compassion

Have no say

In a world of decay

Left after dis-ease

State of minds

Seas of sanction

Can anyone win

Temptations and urges of discipline?

Morals of precaution

In a day of race and age

Not to whom

Respect is deserved

State of minds

In realms of deceptions

Distinctive essays

Professor’s red

Blood of lonely

Heart of blue

Ocean waves of prosperity

Enhance society

With morals of simplicity




Soul Love

Things that were meant to be,

Or not meant to happen.

Things said but never heard,

all good words.

Love forever, that never existed.

A religion, a faith

Of believing in yourself

Your power, independence

Overcoming obstacles

Patterns of life

Celestial circles

Just listen

To new

Perceptions shared

Insights gained



(¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”)

Sin is the name holding down shame

wrath of uncaring hearts

We against the world

Its us who feel the rain

I watched it go, an felt it come

Innocence is taken back

By pleasing natural curiosity

Sun on my face

Waves crashing against the shore

Saturating each pebble

Each cell of my body

time on a monotonous clock, ticking endlessly

eternity  holds no boundaries

neither can feelings be measured

we have a destiny

to effect, teach, and learn

to each people we meet

gather in the streets

hypocrisy teaches an ego

all eyes will see through hate crimes

Don’t brainwash a child over an issue

Love holds sacred

Holding and piecing your morals together

Naked shall be true

Upfront are vows

Hold now tendency

To scatter personal meaning

To bad situations


Only to find hope in the mirror

Infecting each person we meet

With positive insight

And help this world.

As energy caresses

Get deep into new evolutions

Mark each heart with meaning

¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”



Mindless chatter

From a self proclaimed

Palladian singer

Capturing undivided

Attention of those around

With no realness in her narcissist being

The tornado continues

As alls fair in love

Is destroyed

Trust and reality

for a dream that doesn’t exist.


Convoluted situations

across the nations

another’s risk

in reasons

drastic revelations

in dreams


Energetic prophecy

Hypothetical evaluations

onto cross contaminations

Makes sense to me

To rain on litigations

Mild interpretations of this place,


And space we occupy

Time solutions

Evil ution

Time consumptions

Simple notions

Easy medication

Rippling education

Mixed notions

False presumption

Mal adjustments

In capital gain

Bring pain

Criteria leaves average

Folk on their on their knees

Paperwork that kills trees

Brings forest disperse

In shuffling, processing

And time telling

Positions that have no aim

Bring the power

Back to the hands

That serves and not destroys.

Women’s studies, Amherst 2010

Feed my soul.

Nourish my mind

Touch my self

To make love grow

Being kind to yourself

To find your life’s mission

Inside outside buzzing time

Feed my soul


The sound of the ocean waves

Is nature’s purest voice                 speaking

If could never walk by the oceans side

My last breath has already been taken

When the sand filters between your toes,

And the sea crashes against your legs

You become one              with the rest of the world

Part of its being

As you immerse yourself

Naked between the universes on a hot summer day

Swimming with the animals that live in the sea

Teach yourself to be free, take your land and play            Hawaii 1995 A Dreams Journey

When a dream concurs your heart,

A journey is long lived alone.

Eclipsing my moon,

tryin so hard to find my home.

Looking for dawn

Scrounging new strength

Learning and loving

This experience.

When a dreams all you have

Diggin deep for change

Hiding fear

Livin on

Desires deceit

The stars are all you need

When innocence captures your eyes.

Someone’s always preying on fresh meat

Talking a straight living

Keeping a dreaming mind

Stayin high without falling down


A twisted set of notions

Confusion is lost reality,

If there ever was any.

Secrets confined to memory,

Words I can’t hear.

Intangible actions

Reasons with fear

Death escapes insanity.

Melodies of morning,

Visions I plore,

Ideas I ponder,

I know I want more.

Simplicity gave way

Taxes my brain

Orgasms high

Curiosity kills unsuspecting lives

For committing to a kind of existence

This country was founded for

On this planet of thieves

Who steal energy from the naïve.

Love so deep

It seeps death

Until the last breath

Two souls combined

So deep can love be

Held only to devour

Of every minuets

Of every last hour

Formation of souls

Make love

Only one

The wondrous delights

Surprise in life

How soon can we love?

Hold on darling

While you soon discover

A new world of courage

I wanna be there

My soul is one

With the universe

Flyin through the air.

Untouchable Darkness

Where they come?           Where do they Go?

How can they flow?

This is the scary side

Where nightmares are my realities

My psychotherapy’s been my pen?

Hypnotherapy is in my lyrics

Expressing only the darkest shade of my soul

Secrets unfold

As stories are told

The only way I know how

I haVe found shadows in my soul growing darker as I get old

Shadows of my soul conquer my whole

A being of shades I am

Darkness caresses my soul

Covering my existence,

Taking a piece from inside of me.

I can’t run                        I can’t hide

The shadows held my blood for ransom

Here lies the journey

Of life

To new ventures to be trooped

I grow stronger as the days grow colder

Nights of ice continue.

On the deposit slip

I have completely demoralized you.

Using you as the object of my desire

Can you feel the heat?

Radiating from between my legs? Come in

Aching for you to come in.

I don’t have time to get to know you.

Commit, talk or date

I just want a thrust of your education

I want to know your body, eyes and smile

When you come in.

My mind spins, my body hurts

And you could fix it.

I’m open,

my choice is free

Cleanse me of my sins

Make me whole again

Cleanse me of my troubles

Make me see my path again

In time of crucial manner

Cleanse me of life’s dis- eases

Let words be freedom

Of minds delirium

Hurt with no one

My need to believe

may truth be our only savor.

In time of crucial manner

Make my love story

To overcome anything short of glory

Whose heart has shared…

Cleanse me of greed

Cleanse me of guilt

Domestic toxicity

In revengeful capacity

In moments to spare

Of righteous air

in timeless preoccupations

a realization to not dwell

of justice in monogamous

Revolution in sophistication

a pious mount in liberation

in cases of madness

a nation of broad casted fear

civil liberties don’t prepare you for

Everyday responsibilities

And monogamy

In the midst of

A desensitized sexual


For what

Tiz winter green

And all is serene

Gentle is the breath of a newborn

Fragile are the petals just opened

Por que es el seasons

To my souls time

As they come together

To equal one

I will too

Expect nothing

All will be yours

For years of patients

All that has been forgot

All that has been forgotten

Demand to the point

Reality sank sin

Falling in love again

Compromise trust


I give up



an unmovable object

Conquering time worlds apart



As they drift

Through the

Air like clouds

If thunder was

A voice

Have you listened?

Have you heard the sound of falling rain?

As it whispers

Our Name

Reality’s shade

No man plays

Nature’s way

A sarcastic game of reality

Is only what we perceive

What we see and hear

It’s ours for the millennium,

if we come to the year.

Where are we going to be when the judges don’t see

Hazy shades beyond curiosity

Might cost me

Might kill us

Different perceptions of the way things are supposed to be.

How can we deny the morals within our own sanction of trust?

Crossing domestic dimensions

Cures the fighter In me inside.

A baby cry’s inside

No need to tell me why I have a story too.

Bronx 95


Believe in justice

Not in the systematic

Approach to life

To give is to receive more

Care not of closed thought

For you are blinded by

Society’s views

Hue’s of colour

Everywhere we wonder

Holding that we wonder

Holding every thought that was carried

in the minds of memories

Believe in green

Always stay gold… money makes the world grow cold
Keepsakes Memorial

Hold on to value

What’s it all about

Today’s a day

When life has gone astray

when aura’s weaken

and problems prevail

Tomorrow seems hopeless

Sorrow is the only


Lies tangled

Life is so deranged

When coming of age

Is innocence rage

Passing of time

Plays games with mind

Insanity sets

Creativity is the only

Possession of value

Keepsakes memorial

March 26, 1997

Vitalized              I keep to me secrets of my shadows

Holding vital pieces of mysteries


Treasures of joy

Peace within

So much love been hurt

And shamed

My pride will rage

Through this towns cage

Containing me




Holds me back forever

Gotta get out of here

Secrets and stories

Down every street

That I drive

Moments stand still

On the time line

In my mind

My soul will revive


Just to be me

A smile passes from my lips

A tear drops from my eye

This is where life brought me

I hope for more

Than skills that come natural

The questions that enter my mind

Driving me insane

What is sane?

Never to be a child again

I once was

She’s lost in the past

I want to go back

To where it didn’t matter

But now I am free

Of misery

Knowing it’s not too late

to be where I want to be

It’s time

Inspired by songs of

For one brief moment

In my timeless existence

I breathe/I feel

I feel am so alive

My sense alert to

Each and every cell

A synergy of all my parts makes me

Unique/ whole

Dividing and multiplying

I am the mother of creation

Alive/and breathing

Forever in nature

I assume this position

The one control I maintain in this world

I breathe/

I dance

Feeling my interconnectedness with all living things

I watch the plants and the tree’s responding

To my energy


Dancing in unison the sound of the leaves



Make me come undone

Feeling free

From the mundane

Cooking and cleaning

I can be one with the divine

Source of my inspiration

I am free of this


The ocean waves in anticipation

Surrendering to the rise and fall of the moon

I feel the earth breathe in each and every

Cell in saturated in her womb

How can we grow together,

If we dance outside of each other’s comfort?

Lying about who we are and what we do?

In order to know the source of my words

Exist with me.

How can we unite if we don’t nurture

The peace within our hearts

Without trust there is no future with us

I have evolved from my past

Songs of the Gypsy


Songs of the Gypsy earth Magik dancing through the air
I can only imagine the knowing hands that dance on the rifts
baile, baile, Baile
The strings played created memories
in the moments that make you feel
ageless, in a timeless existence.
mystical lyrics
fill the night air.

capturing the stories in the tune
like Ocean waves carried by the moon
clipper ships mark the territory in the ripples they leave behind
gathering momentum in the turn of the tide

finger tips tapping on the strings echoing
in the chaos of the mind.
clicking of the heals
echoing like drums ’round a fire
like the heart beat of the divine
a momentary lapse of reasoning

an illusionary bonding
customary apocalyptic revaluations
crossing dimensions through time
escaping justice through the lyrical rhyme

Feeling the vibration
in every cell of my body
creating change
present and future
with each passing measure of the hand
notes echoing in my ear
all the words I need to hear
whispering  wish’s

The Gypsy earth  magik
The  crying of the guitar
melodies carrying the rhythm
through the air

through the moments
breaking through memories like images to film
crisp and clean
basking in the sun
sweet saturated minuets
blazing through the horizons of my mind
capable of turning moods like the tide
each note makes the nerves and muscles move
balie, balie, balie
with each breath
my ears are filled with sound
each string makes
fingers dancing on rifts

Dancing through the air
making it all possible
to be here
Immaculate revelations

Bout’ situations

That seems so natural

Boundaries that shouldn’t

Be crossed

Reasons that don’t exist

Doesn’t take away

This heaviness in my chest

When polished notions

Crossed sacred vows

In search of confluence

Of reasons

My lover– a memory forever

Simply.. a spark in ambition

Your love a likely situation

But, where would I be;

Cracks feign, pregnant before 19-pimped out?

Singing songs in a hometown wasteland

I have trooped all these city streets alone

Trying to find my way home

Single, my mind wonders

Levels of excitement fill the air

Nothing compares

I want to go so far, Travel all the seas

Exotic lands

Buddha jams

Smoking sessions

Foreign palaces

Going crazy, every day

Even a world away I whisper your name

As the moon rises over the mountain

I make a wish to share your love all over the lands

Shopping in villages, making Central Park ours,

Sex on a high rise, Sex on a beach

a love that saved my soul.
I can’t touch her soul

No, she’ll never know

Just how her glitter glows

How she’s shined in my eyes

The rays of hope

She sang sweet songs

Notions and tones to my mind

An aura beyond her heart

All my life I looked up to you

When the stars lose their shine

My dreams are shattered

My misconception is all that mattered

Where do I look for inspiration?

When mysterious ways over talented by reality

Who will concur my fantasy

Why do we play in deceptions field

I wanna reach out and hold you free

Cure your pain heal your soul with of touch of my hand

I thought you were my love~ a strong independent woman

Your strength in words never went unheard

My heart aches please stop teasing fate

You can hold your own

I can’t touch your soul

If there was any way I could help her now

Make her see

The beauty inside

She’s crying alone

I can’t help her now

Master past and present pain

Realities are sometimes so far away

On the dark side

Envying her strength in song

I can’t help her now

All grown up and on her own

She is crying lonely in the dark

White doves captured her mind

Her loves flying high

She can’t see where she’s going

Its so strange, bells on a dove

Ive been through that phase, helpless substance

An easy way down

Beyond an existence of a vision

Keeping my head towards the clouds

Letting the rain wash away the pain

Like tears falling from our eyes

Always in disguise

Running with pride

Like a gypsy woman

In disguise

Without a trace of disgrace


My life completed all at once

As the full moon rose

To the midnight hour

Illuminating light

Filled the island

Hypnotizing as the Ocean waves

Crash against the shore

Glowing from the abyss below

Feeling eternally one with the land

The earth and the sand

August 28, 1995

Oahu Hawaii, The night came into its final stage
A Timeless Expression


Brown eyes, large brown eyes

Depending on me. Searching for

my soul. Answers in this Timeless



Sleeping like a angel, I crawl

under the covers of the morning light

curled in a fetal positions

one Timeless expression


A tornado winding through my house

knocking a mass of stuff all-over

layers deep


Upside down in a cupboard

under a  table, what is going on?

Sassy, wild energy


racing through these rooms with abundance

Bouncing through these walls

Echoing voice’s-screams

& laughter I his silent world

Broke down in rage

A timeless transition


A song breaks the silence

I see his soul shine

In his mystical Lyric

Beyond the memories

Of escalated Timeless behavior


A spirit rising

Changing – breaking- aching

Growing an unconditional

Rhythm shining indigo