yeast connection to illness

ispring 2013 084n my search of forever trying to loose this baby fat that has plagued my 36 year old body I have discovered that there is a yeast connection to overweight and illness. Unexplained pains, bloating, yeast infections, bacterium infections, joint pain, candida related issues, intolerance to food and chemicals, bloating, weight gain, anxiety behaviors that can be changed by diet and supplements. I had heard from a friend of mine about four months ago that she was trying this diet that was given to her from the Northampton holistic wellness center in Mass. She had shrunk like three dress sizes in just a month. I was willing to give it a try.

I got this huge list of foods that you can and can’t eat. The list was big. I was also told that I should get I bottle of niastatin. Ok. As with every other diet I have tried within a few days I stopped doing what I was doing because the list was long and excruciating. Mean while I still packed on the pounds. I had gotten up to 170 on my 5 feet three and half ( big half) inches.

I was 99 pounds when I first got pregnant for my first son. I had gained a total of 81 pounds by the time I gave birth. Lost forty and put it on again with the next two pregnancies. Within the next 11 years my weight only steadily went up. I had exercised and tried to make a real big effort to just eat good organic healthy foods. My son became wheat free a few years ago and so we became mostly wheat free as well. There is a big connection of wheat and digestive issues as I wrote about in another of my blogs. Most Americans have a wheat intolerance which can cause all kinds of issue’s. When you do not digest your foods well then you are not absorbing the nutrients from the foods that you are eating. Also other things in your body start to go wrong and when bacteria and virus are introduced to the environment that is your body a dis-ease start to occur. Ranging anywhere from chroans, allergies,excema, and cancers. These things can occur individually or just keep multiplying in unison depending on the host of the environment and what the intake of the pathogens are that are introduced.

So I was shopping at the salvation army looking at the books and the only one laying out of order was the “yeast connection” by Dr. Crook. First of all this guy is an easy reader, he makes the connection an easy reader. The where, why and how to make the yeast diet doable. So I tried it. I have been going for a month except of course for the 24 hours of thanksgiving which was a huge set back. Essentially you are trying to starve all of the candida that are causing illness and digestive issues. Having candida related problems can and will cause all kinds of issues such as intolerance and allergies. (This is why there is a huge issue with wheat and other problems. Swelling and other abdominal digestive problems can make maintaining a decent wait impossible. So I went to the doctor to let them know what I was doing and ask for the niastatin which the doctor has to supply. She kind of looked at me like I had two heads. She gave me a four day prescription. Though the book had many case studies that had people taking it for months on end until the candida related issues were dissolved.

The right combination of supplements can support and maintains a healthy balance of naturally occurring microorganisms throughout your system. It can also help strengthen your immune system and maintain general good health. To address yeast-related health conditions, make sure your supplements are yeast-free, sugar-free, and color-free.

Having a good holistic balance when it comes to the diet intake, vitamins and supplements, probiotics and enzymes. These components must all be used together in unison to win the war on candida.The diet is necessary to starve the yeast. Candida yeast thrive on sugars and carbohydrates, yeasts and fermented and molded foods. What you need to cut out are the foods that incorporate the elements of the offenders. Drinking a lot of soups helps this along. Cutting caffeine and teas down to one cup a day the more caffeine that you take in the faster the yeast are primed and accelerated to grow and reproduce. The niastatin prescription will kill the yeast and the probiotics