(¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”)

Sin is the name holding down shame wrath of uncaring hearts

We against the world

It’s us who feel the rain

I watched it go, and felt it come

Innocence is taken back

By pleasing natural curiosity

Sun on my face

Waves crashing against the shore saturating each pebble

each cell of my body

Time, a monotonous clock… ticking endlessly

Eternity holds no boundaries

Neither can feelings be measured

We have a destiny

To effect, teach, and learn

To each people we meet gather in the streets

Things that were meant to be, but not meant to happen.

Things said               but never heard, all good words.

Love forever,              that never existed.

hypocrisy teaches an ego

all eyes will see through hate crimes

Don’t brainwash a child over an issue

Love is sacred ,                                                across all boundaries,                                   Across time

Holding and piecing your morals together

Naked shall be true

Upfront are vows Hold now tendency

To scatter personal meaning

To bad situations

Only to find hope in the mirror

Inspire each person we meet With positive insight And help this world.

As energy caresses get deep into new evolutions

Mark each heart with meaning

¿Cuál es el significado de la vida?”

anti-toxin for president

It’s a matter of race

a day when no kids

shall cry or get left behind

a race not close

a fight not won by strength

or ambition

but campaign contributions

that make us cringe

from company’s

whose ethics and values

prevail above communities

designed to destroy what little environment

we have left on this sphere

a case of green as

opposed by republicans

whats left  is used by corperations

poison that courses through our veins

chem trails through our lungs

toxic waste waters through our system

all for profit

as we continue our existence

dis-ease all around us

anti-toxin for president