chapter one- discovering Choices/I write

lady with red poppies
lady with red poppies

As I begin to put it all together I look around and I’m amazed that I have come this far. It is a little dis concerning when I think about the people who I shared my body, my soul and love with Who I had thought I would be connected “forever’ with and I am not. I can place each choice, each person, moment in time when life was about to change drastically because of something that had just occurred a decision that I made. Simple moments in passing life is what it is. Each and every choice that we make changes our outcome like a choose your own adventure book. Some choices that I made with so little regard at the time ended up bringing me forward into the life that I am leading now. A life where I have carved out my niche through careful consideration and a lot of work. I have finally found my space in the community and comfort in my art

I write
My only strength
Comes from expressing through this pen
I write.
My only vision is in cryin
Through my eyes
From my soul inside my body I write


One thought on “chapter one- discovering Choices/I write”

  1. The twists and turns of reasons and unreasonable choices and options. I believe they lead us to where we are meant to be, even if only for a moment in time. The lessons are there for us but sometimes we need them presented to us many, oh so many times before we catch them and hold them tight.


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