introspection/home/36/soul love saga







                                                            Quiet desperation
Laced with inspiration                                                                          A time of introspection








A time of introspection
of monetary deception
revel in-
Anticipation at the known
Existence of angels
Saving my soul
From the depths of all my obstacles
Quiet desperation
Laced with inspiration




















The year of the prophecies


House to home
A space I can call my own

a place to put my garden

A space I can call my own

I rose
 to the top of the roof
 I see trees of fruit and green
tranquil and serene
Home is the sacred
 a Timeless magical
a room for each person
to recharge at the end of the day
keeping us safe and pure
a place to create an
abundance…………  stream of
universal spirit
whose motivation emulates

a place to love
like you never have been before
A walk way
A tub cleanses away

 a place where books written make
New York’s best sellers list
a farm where hens lay
and dogs play
butterfly gardens
attracts nectar



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