gypsy woman/19/soullove saga

winter 2013 643

Gypsy woman

At times I feel like the gypsy woman in disguise

With travelin on my mind

The thought of slowing down is where I was before

I don’t want to go there anymore

I dream of a knock at my door

Coming face to face

I cannot wait for fate to bring us together again

I can’t seem to find my way home without you here

You kept my heart beating after all these years

Why did you teach me to walk on by??


I kept my head towards the clouds

And let the rain fall on my face

Like the tears falling from my eyes

I’m a gypsy women running in disguise

Running with pride]

I try to hide

The real me

No I won’t let anyone see

Always wondering what is supposed to be

This is such a fast life


The tarot always laid trouble

A never ending story

Cards come and go like people

I don’t get close anymore

I stay long enough to leave

Quietly out the back door







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