turn/36/soul love saga

october  wonder lust 2009 129
Turn, turn turn
There is a rhyme
For every reason a rhythm for ever season
A time for everything
For everything there is a time
Occupy your mind occupy this space
Stand for what you believe in stand strong
Before corporations run as an invasive species
decay our land
Toil and trouble
Turn Turn Turn
The leaves of this October
To justify occupation
Harvest is over the lady descends
The lord takes over again
There is a cycle
That weaves the webs of our existence
One strand at a moment’s pace
We tie our knots
Making magic
As we secure
Our existence
Round we to collecting treats
Remembering the dead
on all hallows eve
Binding and tying
Each cross section carefully
Turn turn turn
Around we go again
Moving from one world to another
Change is in the air
Boiling and bubbling
Toil and troubling
Tricking and treating
In guise we go seeking
This the end of the warm season
The earth and our farms
Turn turn turn
The soil planting seeds
Sowing and reaping
Hope emerges through transition
as one world ends another begins
fall leaves our lives as our New Year begins

our souls fly gently swaying on the wind


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