went away/19/soul love saga

Went away
I went out away from love
I went away from the green
I stayed away sheltered from the youth
I now have taken my
walk and no longer to look out the window
while I was walking
I smelt the fresh air
oxygen from trees
heard the birds
their song filling the sky
and saw the leaves
Each and every one different
faces with no names
but yet blend the same
Do they Love?
do they feel?
or all they all the same?

I sat by the sea
and listened for my heart to beat
The ocean roaring
waiting to take me
rapture of the deep
I felt like I belonged there
under the crying waves
because nobody found

I sat by the sea
and nobody noticed me

would they,
if I cried with the waves?

I long to be free
like a bird in the open sky
to wonder aimlessly through life
to see
all above all

I look to the sky
and found a light
It shone on my face as it has
for many years
I cried because I felt little


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