passions/19/soullove saga

Open mi Legs wide
Spread me like a butterfly

Taste the passions inside
My body holds no morals
My love has no rules
Fly my mental plain
Open mi wild, chris chile
Make me cry insane
Flood my emotions
So you can see
What’s going on
Don’t runaway
The past is already gone
Sensual touches hold passions vibrations
A misguided path crosses time
Craving zoetic obsessions
Just be there for me
When did we loose passions vibes
Let me see you one last time before I die
The desires that lay hot in your eyes
Dreams beyond my knowledge
Livin anadda existence
You changed my life
Bringing down the positive vibes
On my vitality
Teach ne chris chile’ mortality
A past master
Take me in the midnight hour
Can I be your honorary
Heart breaker?
the one you always dream of

Join me in erotasy
Fill my vitality
With passions inside
Show me
Hold my body
Don’t make mi miss
The kiss you be given
I need intimacy to set me free
Take me in the midnight hour
Where passions render destiny

Soul love inside of me
Learn about passions burning holes in my being
Fantasizin what the further hides
How do you touch what’s on the insides
Left undiscovered
Feel the Rhythm of the heartless song
Lost innocence
More pure than gold


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