seasonal economics/34/soul love saga

seasonal economics
The sound of night
echoes beyond stillness
I haphazardly fill out applications
in the recession of
my economic depression
seizing up on me again

Sounds of    the tomatoes
saucing their juices
making meals for months to come
Vibrating sounds of the crickets legs
gives me solace that
summer has not been
forgotten, yet
As the first days of
fall blow the
Hurricane in
The nights crisp air
is a  reminder
Change is in the air

Winters approach
lies between the months
Like a blanket of
ice hides under the snow
the search for
something substantial continues
inside my house is warm and the winter
ravishes the world outside
storm after storm

Spring comes to slowly
the awakening   of the earth
The sound of the birds perched
careless to the instability of
our lives
mud rivers flow courageously
Raging civilizations
as the coldness of our endurance
is warmed by the sun once more

The summer brings an abundance
Once again the earths vitality is
alive.  We are awake with energy
moving forward through this recession
forgetting  the economy


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