ransom/30/soul love saga

DSCF2743Ransom took my heart
left me disassociated from love
I have never come close
to feeling so much again
instead of diving in
and saturating my soul
I touch my toe to the waters
watching the circles
that bound out
in ripples from my touch.
I observe
the words that I hear .
just don’t sound so real
Lie’s to be told.
Lie’s to be heard .
I just listen .
observing a moment
just listen.
it doesn’t hardly seem real
I don’t mean to play with feelings.
I am just disassociated
reality set forth.
reality that I question.
reality that I am
not quite comfortable with.
when love steps in I become
Mesmerized by the cycle of coincidence.
telling me which way to go.

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