sexy secret/24/ soul love saga

charcoal colage $100
charcoal colage $100
Sexy secret
If you love me
Try and understand the life I have lived
The past was bound to happen, or today
Wouldn’t be the same
Ask the past master
One of lives mysteries
Sweet sin in
A secret dimension
Take to you to another level
Take a ride inside
Seeker of safety
Open my mind
Gently unfold my secrets inside
Burning a whole in my soul
Unfulfilled crisp and cold
In the middle of a fire ( desire)
I can’t hide anymore
In my eyes you will see the passion in side
Creeping by
You unraveled hidden desires in me
Sweet sexy compassion
Passions inside
Holding my emotions down it’s a sensation
Desires fills my mental plain desires
Ohh desire
To many secrets inside set them free making me wild
There is no denying desire is in my eyes it is real


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