domestic toxicity/32/soul love saga

lady with red poppies
lady with red poppies
Domestic toxicity
———–In revengeful capacity—————————————–
———–In moments to spare———————————————–
————–Of righteous air———————————————————–
——–in timeless preoccupations————————————————
———a realization to not dwell———————————————-
——–of justice in monogamous—————————————
——–Revolution in sophistication————————————

———a pious mount in liberation——————————-
———-in cases of madness———————————————
—–a nation of broad casted fear—————————————–
-civil liberties don’t prepare you for—————————————Everyday responsibilities
———–And monogamy
—————–In the midst of
————————-A desensitized sexual


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