99My last summer of being free/25/soul love saga

nyc 05599My last summer of being free
I had dreads down the middle of my back. Which brings you into a whole new level of existence and understanding as is. I had my hands into anything you can imagine, really.***************** were my favorites, but I wasn’t even faithful to them.
I stayed With Evan a year, until I found myself a way out.
    Actually he left me at Wood stock festival in Bethel New York alone the year the apocalypse happened there. He and his big friend with the greasy hair said they were going to chill at the motel right outside of the venue. Whatever… I had plenty of stuff to sell to keep me busy.
I had found this really cute rainbow brother who had just come out of the woods; it was like we were the only true hippies left on the Woodstock ground. He had on these tight patched up jeans with a ripped up shirt that showed is tanned body, he wore this cowboy hat and his long blond hair was tied in the back reaching towards his firm behind. A layer of dusty dirt covered our bodies.

We hung tight sitting in the middle of the chaos sharing goods, He told me about his side of the gathering, about Nacho Mamma’s and hauling food to the center of the gathering through miles of woods, up and over the hills and mud in the pourin rain Boy did  it ever rain, Evan and I never made it to the center of the gathering we stayed on the out skirts I spent a day cooking all the meat that we bought and handing it to passerby’s . He ended up with disinteen real bed and was bed ridden for many days.
It was all good till he found his ride. This kind brother sweet baby James, he had kind buds and great Lsd the sun was shining and it was a day for reckoning. I hated having to let this brother go.
I was tripping really hard when the Red hot chili peppers came on and all hell broke loose. I saw what people were capable of and it is complete insanity. When I say apocalypse it was like a video from a war torn country. There was smoke all around you, fires in cans, in vehicles, tents. I did see a line of cops in riot gear and they stood on the outskirts and just stood there with no intention of helping. I guess they were in a damned position anyway. As I wondered aimlessly around looking for the crew that I came with I could hear the terrified screams of women but could never find where they were coming from. There were men standing on both sides of one fountain I came across taunting and screaming at woman to flash them or take their clothes off so they could see their naked bodies. I couldn’t find a safe place.
In the midst of all the chaos sat another family of dressed in Tie die from the wrecking crew there was ever so famous fast Eddie and the infamous fast Patty, sitting so calmly Eddie had a handle on the goods distribution and they let me sit and gather my senses at this point I was tripping balls and didn’t know if what I was seeing was the trip or if this was real. They were a sight for sore eyes, I had gone from the one extreme to the next. From a sweet rainbow gathering to what will forever be etched in my memory as hell. There was no clean water to be found .This is as lost as I had ever felt. Yet I found peace sitting in all this chaos listening to the Mamma  Patty speaks as  she calmed my nerves with her gruff voice. I knew that I could come back after it was all said and done.  Closing the gates to the subconscious was ok as the daylight rose and became one with the land .  The music had ended   and my friends had gone and I was trying to find one safe spot to sleep.

Mud and water were surrounding the fountains out past the port-o-potty by at least  a dozen feet. The tents everywhere surrounded by sewage water as was the fountain water I heard were contaminated by the septic. Thank god we hadn’t set up a tent in this mess .

There was a young girl of just sixteen that I met that had lost her ride home to. She was all the way from Roanoke Virginia the place that Dave Matthews grew up. Somehow I felt more afraid for her safety than I did for my own and took on the responsibility for getting her home safely Evan wasn’t where he was supposed to be after the show it was easy to  decide never go back to him. Jenna and I found mike a big buffoon of a guy with dirty blond hair. He was part of Tim’s crew who was supposed to meet us outside of the Venue. We stood around for hours outside of McDonalds waiting to find lost souls that we might know. We found Jenna’s friend Rex a scraggly head of about twenty five. We were all a scraggly at this point covered with dry mud. we all could fit in Mikes big blue Pickup so we headed on our way from Bethel.
Mike tried to grab both Jenna than I
We had to put him in his place. Mike drove straight through most of the way.
Rex told me Keith had come to visit Roanoke. He sold a bunch of bad acid and a bunch of people were mad at him. I couldn’t believe my ears. Keith loved quality rather than Quantity I wondered what had happened. I stared at him and the Blue Ridge Mountains as they passed in awkward disbelief


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