rippling energy/part 4/25/soul love saga

oil painting original by michelle $100
around the fire
With my right hand cupped
I hit on the natural skin of the drum.
this action caused a loud vibrating
reaction that made all the plant life around me dance
Again until it became a rythem
that sounds like a heart beat
she starts dancing a little with her head.
than her hips start swaying.
She is dancing and skipping
around me causing my adrenaline to start pumping .
I hit the djembe harder with more soul
Before I realize it she has made a fire
out of nothing. She feeds it till it keeps us warm
The fire is getting me higher and higher
giving me a focal point for my journey
giving me a reason to trance
a meditation
burning bright
in hues and tones
of light yellow and red heat
the crackling
of christmeas trees empty branches
burn so loud that
is is a song that justifies
the music we make.
Luna moves her body fluidly
for the spirit world.
Jumping and stepping to time
with no mind.
a dance was never so inhibited
I found my rhythem durning sunset.
As the coulours of red delight
are being painted across the sky
I played as hard as my hand could hit the drum,
with all my emotion
and soul as my body quivers
to the adrenaline taking over.
My head nodded with answers
meanwhile she is moving wildly
about in her own world
her eyes be focused on a dream
every feeling inside of her expoloding with movement.
her persperation soaking her naked body, glistening and reflecting in the fire.
her sweat is like a sparkling rainbow falling everywhere.
I played until my hand vibrated and bled
then we switched as I started to dance she played
We found the spirit world through drum and dance.
We all danced around the fire in a ritualistic manner.
Her head swung around and her flaxen hair moved
in time like a fire lighting her soul.
Her arms flying and dancing
as if they had a life of their own,
a beat all her own.
My timing fell in each step,
my knees were bouncing
my hips shaking feeling the
bass vibrating my heart
echoing throughout my body.
Our bodies becoming fluid
with movement and grace that belonged
nowhere else.

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