obsessing dimensions /37 soul love saga





You could be sitting so still

writing one poem/meditating

all while so many dimensions of life exist


who am I? How is my being? How am I living? 

making my home? who and How do I love?

my obsessions, my family+ life’s work 


Like my patchwork quilt 

layers deep

interconnected by one spirit 

sewed by many strings

knotted in magik

growth + expansion this ever changing life

full of incomplete obstacles

stretching all limits of mind + body 

beyond belief working at the core of all you ever were 

adding to the potential of all that ever will be

even when life is at a stand still

the rivers continue to flow 

adding to the mass of ocean 

a collective conscious 

even as I collapse in my hammock +sleep

to the nights sounds/sky

with nothing between the divine universe +I

she reaches out and calls to me 

caressing my obsessions

as I lay waiting for my wishing stars

the mandala in the tree’s/ 37/soul love saga

Its been a while

now since we made love

under the tree’s

on the moss of the forest floor


I’ve waited

I got use to your touch


I got use to your kiss


you warned me

+ held me

calmed me when I cried

I saw the mandala in your eyes

I saw the mandala in the trees

the trinity of being that season

aura around you as we kissed and

the words that graced our connection


harboring wedding songs/37/soul love saga



Im harboring wedding songs

in my notebook

listening to

the radio

while I should be

writing my schedules

and to do lists

ridiculous in

there is not a date

not even a mate

just a list of songs

my life goals

and intentions

daydreams and hopes

in the midsts of

monotony and chaos

wondering if my kids

hadn’t been abandoned

by their dad

would they be so bad?

if they had a dad

would I be more balanced?

dangerously close/soul love saga

spring 2013 127


dangerously  close

inside of me

like I felt your soul from the inside out

your heart beat synched with mine

an irreplaceable interconnection

the pendulum swings away riding my energy

assuring me  our time together is near

these are the quiet

moments before  the dawn

our love will grow and burn with desire

when ebb gives way to flow/37/ soul love saga


when ebb gives way to flow

the cairns we spent

summers on the green river on

building to suit our esthetics

painstaking placements of rocks

on top of boulders

on top of mounds of river rocks

balancing precisely just to place one more

when ebb gives way to flow

the river flooded unexpectedly  and changed


widening the  Green river

tearing through glass houses

knocking over  mounds of cairns

displacing people + tree’s

all inclusive inevitable  change


I glean for crystals on the banks edge

like I glean for hope

the crow/37/soul love saga




The crow flew overhead

as the children and I played in the emerald Green river

gathering stones, splashing and swimming

with her wing spanned across the opening in the sky

she flew searching and screaming serious in her ways

the storm is  coming, she is searching and screaming

lightening hits the earth and we began to leave

gathering our many things for a simple outing

the days pass like this

they pass slowly and  I start to loose my memories

of what it was like in your arms

your taste

your touch

the days pass like this

the whole world goes on without knowing our secrets

it’s almost like it didn’t exist or even matter

the balance of having something other than this day to day

monotony is replaced with emptiness

and I am overwhelmed once more

a mother destined to cook and clean

while my spirit flies overhead screaming at the chaos

screaming there is more to this life


Enliven my senses/ 37/ soul love saga


mutton and mead rose

I plucked  beach rose

right from the post office trying to make things right

filling my being with sound

vibrating my chakra’s somehow makes things alright for now

listening to my music to loud


twirling the rose between my fingers

letting the petals grace y face

each sent molecule enters me

becoming aroma therapy

it’s realness envelopes me delighting my senses

the filament and stamens tickle my nose

I can’t get enough

enliven my senses

grateful bones/ 22/soul love saga

when circles cyfer do they repeat

after they meet?

Do they go on with destiny

Did love die young?

images of red light nights

of sex

quivers my insides

orgasms after chasms

visions make my body pulse

our past was grateful

winter is the death of nature green

who doth love thy green

all shall realize

have time to dream

cold is fear

that aches dem bones

making the youngest

grow old

how do you hold a day

capture a memory

behold/30/soul love saga



behold my love

inside my madness

around my empty self love never dies 

all profound

and mysterious

I lie alone knowing

will be some 

never meant for a soul mate

to live a life alone

in my years

would that be me?

forever to look into 

the eyes of every stranger that passes

with the gift a vision of a future

life with them

until the spinning wheel stops

should I give up and settle 

or dream of a kiss

to waken me from this spell?



desire/19/soul love saga

spring 2013 083

Buddah says ‘ all pain derives from desire’  How do you set your self free when desire plays songs in your head?? Here is mine


burning a whole in my soul

unfulfilled  crisp and cold

in the middle of fire


I can’t hide these secrets anymore

in my eyes you will see

the passion inside

creeping by

holding my emotions down

its a sensation

desires fills my mental plain

ohh desire

to many secrets to hide

to many secrets inside

set them free making me wild

there is no denying

desire  is in my eyes

how I feel is real