taste and fable/37/ soul love saga


taste and fable

I may conform

in body

but my spirit

will not!

my stomach

is tangled

my heart is prolapse

waiting for news.



sacred time

sacred notions

sweet moments

that last forever

hoping for more

more of you to touch

taste and fable

more sweet moments

that will stand the test of time


regions +territories



inescapable from

the what I

that dominate

our landscape

and the trials

that held our

life for ransom

the hurt unsettled

from this

unfulfilled journey



12 thoughts on “taste and fable/37/ soul love saga”

  1. Im no professional, but I consider you simply crafted a really good point point. You naturally comprehend what youre talking about, and I can truly get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so genuine.


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    1. many thanks for your keen insight I do appreciate the positive comments and so glad I could inspire you… If you follow me I will follow you and we can walk together in this journey


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