obsessing dimensions /37 soul love saga





You could be sitting so still

writing one poem/meditating

all while so many dimensions of life exist


who am I? How is my being? How am I living? 

making my home? who and How do I love?

my obsessions, my family+ life’s work 


Like my patchwork quilt 

layers deep

interconnected by one spirit 

sewed by many strings

knotted in magik

growth + expansion this ever changing life

full of incomplete obstacles

stretching all limits of mind + body 

beyond belief working at the core of all you ever were 

adding to the potential of all that ever will be

even when life is at a stand still

the rivers continue to flow 

adding to the mass of ocean 

a collective conscious 

even as I collapse in my hammock +sleep

to the nights sounds/sky

with nothing between the divine universe +I

she reaches out and calls to me 

caressing my obsessions

as I lay waiting for my wishing stars

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