grateful bones/ 22/soul love saga

when circles cyfer do they repeat

after they meet?

Do they go on with destiny

Did love die young?

images of red light nights

of sex

quivers my insides

orgasms after chasms

visions make my body pulse

our past was grateful

winter is the death of nature green

who doth love thy green

all shall realize

have time to dream

cold is fear

that aches dem bones

making the youngest

grow old

how do you hold a day

capture a memory

behold/30/soul love saga



behold my love

inside my madness

around my empty self love never dies 

all profound

and mysterious

I lie alone knowing

will be some 

never meant for a soul mate

to live a life alone

in my years

would that be me?

forever to look into 

the eyes of every stranger that passes

with the gift a vision of a future

life with them

until the spinning wheel stops

should I give up and settle 

or dream of a kiss

to waken me from this spell?



desire/19/soul love saga

spring 2013 083

Buddah says ‘ all pain derives from desire’  How do you set your self free when desire plays songs in your head?? Here is mine


burning a whole in my soul

unfulfilled  crisp and cold

in the middle of fire


I can’t hide these secrets anymore

in my eyes you will see

the passion inside

creeping by

holding my emotions down

its a sensation

desires fills my mental plain

ohh desire

to many secrets to hide

to many secrets inside

set them free making me wild

there is no denying

desire  is in my eyes

how I feel is real

Gypsy earth magic/34/soul love saga

the gypsy earth magik

putting her heart and soul

into life as she see’s

abandoned reckless

saving grace

singing songs

making peace

planting tree’s

up on the stage

all the rage

The gypsy

earth magik

dancing free

putting her

heart and soul

into life as she see’s

abandoned reckless

wandering naked /37/soul love saga

Wondering soul shine

if you’d be mine

twisting my fingers

round our hair

pulling you slightly closer

letting go

just to watch it bounce

wondering sweet

soul shine

if you’d be mine

to scared to look you in your eyes

my heart is heavy waiting for patience

getting over obstacles gracefully

gazing in these magical moments

naked in the woods

warming my soul

like the spring has warmed the earth

where I didn’t trust my feelings

I trust in you

I believe in you

Justice rain/37/soul love saga


Standing on the edge of a time

when darkness lingers around every corner

transitions are inevitable

on way or another

the lessons we learn have less to do with logic

than monopolization and global indication

that we go against my principles

standing up for whats right

has illogical consequences


let justice rain on your life

like a clipper ship on the horizon

sailing into unknown Territories

sailing on the edge of time

where a child’s namesake

is in the hands of a stranger

and anothers life will wither

for a dying flower and father

unsung hero / 36/ soul love saga


fall and winter of 2011-2012 118

In a room full of words

and words shall they rang

singing songs that need to be sung

Hero’s line up for victory

and fall over the monotony of the day

of the day

raging in theory

unable to be contained

by  these four walls

dreams never mentioned

by presidents

races not won by wisdom

but spending money on non recyclable

names on ornaments

vainly decorating yards and cars asses

while these for walls

are left untouched

by candidates


running out of time

to make their mark

on unsung hero’s who may never get up again

if they hit bottom