Gypsy earth magic/34/soul love saga

the gypsy earth magik

putting her heart and soul

into life as she see’s

abandoned reckless

saving grace

singing songs

making peace

planting tree’s

up on the stage

all the rage

The gypsy

earth magik

dancing free

putting her

heart and soul

into life as she see’s

abandoned reckless

wandering naked /37/soul love saga

Wondering soul shine

if you’d be mine

twisting my fingers

round our hair

pulling you slightly closer

letting go

just to watch it bounce

wondering sweet

soul shine

if you’d be mine

to scared to look you in your eyes

my heart is heavy waiting for patience

getting over obstacles gracefully

gazing in these magical moments

naked in the woods

warming my soul

like the spring has warmed the earth

where I didn’t trust my feelings

I trust in you

I believe in you

Justice rain/37/soul love saga


Standing on the edge of a time

when darkness lingers around every corner

transitions are inevitable

on way or another

the lessons we learn have less to do with logic

than monopolization and global indication

that we go against my principles

standing up for whats right

has illogical consequences


let justice rain on your life

like a clipper ship on the horizon

sailing into unknown Territories

sailing on the edge of time

where a child’s namesake

is in the hands of a stranger

and anothers life will wither

for a dying flower and father

unsung hero / 36/ soul love saga


fall and winter of 2011-2012 118

In a room full of words

and words shall they rang

singing songs that need to be sung

Hero’s line up for victory

and fall over the monotony of the day

of the day

raging in theory

unable to be contained

by  these four walls

dreams never mentioned

by presidents

races not won by wisdom

but spending money on non recyclable

names on ornaments

vainly decorating yards and cars asses

while these for walls

are left untouched

by candidates


running out of time

to make their mark

on unsung hero’s who may never get up again

if they hit bottom

pottery and solace/37/ soul love saga



Our bodies will inherit the earth

our cells divided

The quest for liberation

for personal freedom

and solace

away from family


stressfirst warm

day of spring

my feet are planted

in mother earth

naked connectedness

as close as I can get

walking on the green rivers edge

children run

free from winters

icy grasp

I glean rocks

and driftwood

hearts and stones

+ solace

in the warm sun

without explanation

to ease my relationships with

society and my house

ease my family

clean our mess


the never-ending mounds of


just smile in routine

instead of stress

sing loud/24/soul love saga

lenny kravitz


To make it someday

all my troubles gonna

go away


Ill be loved

Ill never cry again

nobody can understand

so I write

once you read

you will see

how life feels to me


It takes time

developing soul love

but I know

celestial ways

I’ve gotta believe

in how Ill achieve

Ive tried so many times

now I now my heart songs

so Im gonna sing

no matter how my voice sounds


this world is gonna go round

so I better

sing loud

accusations/24/soul love saga





Ocean blues

midnight wondering

amazing waves

in a sea overwhelming hues

the rain is crying for me


to no end

shall a river flow

a rainbow can have no end on either side

or a pot of  green

full of gold

you may have to travel through


follow the moon

and the universe

to get away from

questions and


Ill get away soon

living simplistically

in a new way

Through the darkness/24/soul love saga



Through the darkness

I will succeed 

I will reign

through out the lands

of the world

even the territory



I just want freedom

to rule


with no worry

sweet justice

help me now 

happiness is yet to complete

in a land wet and free

a whole universe 

all open space



how real is natures fate

can destruct

be cured 

so small

it’s beyond

ridiculous consequences 

tears me