talents and dreams/24/ soul love saga


1/9 red

Imagine a world

full of shakespearean

language menus of hostility

rouses from mouth

speakuth unto me

How darling

musically sounding

loves capable

of changing the earth

I want to see

beautiful people around me

faces of smiles

spirits conquer their goals

live without fears

embrace strangers around the land

I need an extra ticket

to ride the train

vitalize my eyes

with a show to live on

and brave enough

to carry on

bodies of motion/ 24/soul love saga

spring 2013 086



moving magically

seduction in realms

of sanction

colours of ingenious

notions of fire

burns my brain

makes my soul



understand what you know not

and you can be

free from predjudice

“a society of evil”


creations inside Energy

givin by gods

and spirits

or imagination


save our souls from society/24/soul love saga




a final meditation

for time to rest the mind from my eyes

behind careless notions

beyond instances of visions

others senseless ways

they go astray


away from reality

whatever it takes

simplicity calls for

another world

save our souls from society

freedom is given

by us

prisoners of our ability

saying what we choose

will give us what we need


mysteries reflection/22/soul love saga




I know some secret places

mysteries reflection

where I set my eyes

hypnotize me

visions I explore

dreams I ponder

still tired and poor

round me

listen to the songs of nature

its all thats inside

if you listen

you can find

what makes you smile

imagine a world

of chaotic bliss

if you see a haze over me

im dreamin

of what if ‘s

procrastinating my future

mysteries reflection

controlling gravity/22/soul love saga


createthe feather

Elephants are so wise

the moon is my sanity

I become aware

as situations have closure

happy endings maybe


when fullness is near

shifting all aspects of nature

Ive come to rely on face

the sun so bright

the moon so stable

controlling gravity

energy s mandatory

so I honor

the powers that be


the universe is my shelter

holding prayers safe

the stars will always shine

even on a cloudy night

above all towns above the clouds

celestial gods creations wisdom

and power I worship

a gift shared to use



to my next lover/26/soul love saga

To my next lover


I want to be forever

turned on

to happieness love + trust

I need someone who

can build my castles up

when I can’t

when My kids tear them down

someone who can

take care of me + my kids

help us to have fun

on our adventures

someone to help me clean

freeing my mind body + spirit

symbiotic relationship with giai/35/soul love saga


Laying belly to belly

her breath cool+ salty

rhythmic in her wave

her vibration

synchronizes with mine

interconnected through symbiosis

that courses through our veins

she needs me to care for her too

from space to place

wherever I walk

a holistic scenery

alive yet dormant

waiting for my energy

rippling through our every action

recycling worlds leftovers

planting food + herbs


leaving a delicate balance

between reality

and the gardens of eden restored

Elements crossover

my sacred lands

carrying seeds on the wind to another

time + place

dirty again?/28/soul love saga

I guess I missed it

missed it all

the question is simple

should I let love in?

Let him walk into our lives

like nothing ever happened?

start new + fresh

like the spring blossom

The rain washed over me

cleansed me

I don’t want to be dirty gainspring 2013 093


aching in angst/soul love saga

Aching in angst

missed your kiss

saw you and didn’t taste your lips

my insides are turning

aching in angst

from the lack of you

defining moments of bliss

and future


or a life of exploration

instead of this

aching in angst

spring 2013 136