troopin life/24/soul love saga

troopin life

what a strange trip it’s been

the chance’s I’ve been given

the love I ‘ve been making

gets me farther than Iv’e been


my kids,  my friends

where has my family been?

familiar faces

in distant places

across the home land

passing nature

from hand to hand

as a notion


upon trials

inner inhibition

sparks questions

as ritualistic freedom

is given it’s own reality

fields to gravel

lots  to flowers

tell me how to win

strength is gained

by overcoming pain

our shoes worn

clothes are all torn

from societies scorn

the gypsies win again

the freedom to just be

warriors of a generation

individuals of this nation

sacrifice religion

to celebrate natures creation

steal your face goddess

home/ 37/soul love saga

rust and rain

this spring

this season

Ive been here

long enough

to watch my metals rust

my cobwebs build in my corners

and my dust gather on my crystals

I’ve seen the neighborhood change

the tree’s scream as they were cut

the horizon change

the buildings burn

the neighbors raid

planted gardens

corralled the children

thriving with friends

protector of my house
protector of my house

many holidays

this is home

dreaded/24/soul love saga


spring 2013 152

passing days

circus ways


cause for a hair style

that is naughty and dreaded

beautiful goddess in a world

that cold

dreads warms thy mind

in community and kind

naughty by society

where only rules of nature apply

beauty is a world of dread

without dread

and vanity

knowing who is

your friend

somedays/ 23/ soul love saga

some days are sweet

never are others

where indecisions

not a concepts

hold on tight

is no need for grasp

some days misconception

fantasies rules the day



show me love

how I just adore thee

want to see your face

want to touch a smile

you remind me

of the way life should be

hypnotic expressions/24/ soul love saga

Hypnotic expressions of society

created for our dream land

mine is happiness

I seek serene

colours of hue

music, ecstatic bliss

love too beyond degrees

paths somewhere

in any direction

free where the kingdom is lost


every hour

I work harder

to unite my soul with

hundreds for loves sake

I fight to win

peace is my prize

another  sunrise and full moon

psychology , my dear


I ponder a place to plore forevermore

shall I ask …

ecstasy for me????

heaven shall love

in my heart today

tomorrow my soul

will take it away

question sanity

of those who whisper discretely

my ears, my body are above petty

I move on

till the next horizon

I will make my words



spring 2013 151

natures made tranquility/24/soul love saga


tranquillity sparks a fire of hope

time is concurred by those who believe

lucidity goes to those who care

appreciate everyday every

scenes including humanity

come to my city of erotasy


desire for living

rhymes and reason

enhance my mind

serenity is all

my souls fire illuminating love

read, sing, dance, live vibes

anticipating glory

vitalize natural

sky rhythms

I reach my high orgasms wild

uncontrollable motion

seas sing melodies for sanity

nature rhythms of love