The Portrait~Trinity love



Snaggly, mongrel, mindset-wistless invocations- ranting-

vacant, idiom- Pressured- Antics, un- renowned- Embers, Decomposing-

Septic, adoration- Loosely, Migrant-Abysmal-Opening, beckons_

Fumbling, grotesque, idolatry


surreptitious love/ 37/ soul love saga

 smith exhibit

Im on the edge of something

my breath is shallow

i can feel my energy building

I feel it

Our love 

not going nowhere

the excitement contained

by novel desires kept secret

vexations lay within 

every curse by my 

splendor in daily living


fervent expressions 

held back 

not for lack of a better world

mal -ease

sailing/37/ soul love saga

Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor ...
Deutsch: Fünfmastvollschiff Royal Clipper vor Pula von der Brigantine “Falado von Rhodos” aus fotografiert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

set the moment a drift

by the light of the full moon

rippling on the waves of the ocean

reflecting all that was and ever will be

carefully sailing  a clipper ship

in memory

navigating crosswinds as obstacles

head waters making way past stagnation

picking up speed with wind blowing the sails

picking up my hair as we fly through the air

going places we haven’t been before

weightless in her bounds of reason

rocking to her rhythm



.P1000709       suddenly unbound, the elegant misery, strides fully engaged in epic denial. flittering summations cascading beyond engorged cliques. masterful emanations belching endless deification

Names in brackets are the common names of the ...
Names in brackets are the common names of the depicted Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In these cases the names without brackets are those of the emanations in the mandala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Burning with transition/37/ soul love saga

Burning with transition



twisted perceptions of reality

livin another life while you sleep


holding on to dreams 

in daytimes sun

burning with transition

I can only go higher

my path , my destiny

is all me

vitalize my soul 

feels good to be free

feels all good  to do 

whats got to be done

fulfill life’s dreams 

upholds priorities

soon as you can see

me explode

through the eyes of a raven 

cravin sweet justice

my curiosities

killed my greedy peoples 

my analogies of undermined

I hide

in the futures justice

feels good to 

the powers that be

to hold your own dice 

it’s worth the fight

mischievous/ 37/ soul love saga


what bugs you motivation+mischievous

ruling out anything

but playfulness

word+ letters trail behind his name

like a puppy lost in chaos

disorganized in the tornado

of energy that follows

in the wake of his madness

never full understanding

the depths of his challenges

the mystical mirror


the turmoil that resides in

everyone that he encounters

frail + frugal

like a thief in the night

stealing the bliss of


causing me to be alert, alive

and enthusiastic

in the face of anger


carry on/25/soul love saga

travel enough

to carry on

tears it apart through the darkness

Burrowing Owl, Gentry Road, Near Niland, Calif...
Burrowing Owl, Gentry Road, Near Niland, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will rain through out the lands of the world

even the territory unexplored


I want freedom with no worry

sweet justice

help me now


A whole universe complete

all open space

there is never nothing

there is always something

how real is natures fate

can destruction be cured

by so something so small

that tears it apart

like/22/soul love saga


the cars are louder than my radio

I know they know her glow


I’m spacey

do to circumstance

I think

I don’t get lazy

so I don’t scream

I don’t like to yell


I like peace

I like my freedom

I like my music blaring

I like to be clean


Ghost haunt me

so the cemetery near is clear

cross the street from me

keep me up at night

dream in out of fright

the company – a wonder

I treasure