mother woman/29/soul love saga




patience is the essence that shall fuel my fire

vitality the essence of life

a journey with a connectedness to nature

a knowing that we are not walkin alone~M

when you walk through a storm hold your head up high~

the angels are with you ~

you come in saying how chaotic your week has been

to me you look so calm serene and centered~

The truth is that we all care + live

we all live in a knowing + energetic way…

even times we forget to honor all we carry + have

we are never alone although it definitely feels like it sometimes~

The butterfly spreads its wings for flight

its not alone but carried by the wind

at home on a leaf or fed by the nectar of that precious flower~

Somedays I am the butterfly receiving + floating + searching

somedays I am the flower open + patient

I have faith that ultimately~

I will weather the storm

keep on blooming

find nourishment and fulfillment

in all that surrounds me~

and through my perseverance

I shall shower the energy of love and delight on my children and the world;

and it will sparkle with the rainbows of my light

rest and refresh yourself

enjoy your peace


this is the first collective poetry that I did with an amazing group of motherwoman, sadly my memory has failed as to who wrote what piece but each different voice is separated with a ~ mine I signed with a little ~M in the beginning IF any one reading wants to claim a piece of the pie or yell at me for posting please do… i miss you.. I just don’t think that it serves any purpose sitting locked up inside a filing cabinet one more

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