thrives/37/soul love saga

signals posted throughout the day

conversations lead me back to you

against all odds and grains I go

to new worlds less explored

following the wind

to the vineyard moon

and the road that takes me

to where I want to go

listening to the phone

jumping for opportunities

that signal my time interrupted

from monotony

the swelling waves

radiate the love in my heart

the buoyancy for me to

make it through these obstacles

catching myself in riptides

careful not to succumb

to rapture of the deep

as  I swim naked and free

in the rolling waves

nothing between

me and giai

except  my skin

surrounded by the elements

the taste of salt licks

my body

the sun tanning

my hide

ing me from my life

The question remains

where do I really want to live

rural or city life

ocean or mountains

this valley

open and wide

with friends

and family

or where

my soul thrives

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