my warrior/37/soul love saga




when something so simple

as one of your oldest friends

becomes your lover

that trust

those memories

all turned new


when I opened the door

took a chance and let him in

to my chaos, my life

my house with the abundance

of love and overflowing dishes

he still saw me for me

for all that ever was, and will be

when turmoil and crazy tornados

threaten to destroy our world

he saved it gracefully

I am so thankful

to finally


being held in arms so strong

the winds won’t lift my feet from the ground

rooted in this composted soil beneath our feet

the air can whip our hair in unison

as we kiss

like a savage warrior

coming home from a long battle

rest in my arms

feed your soul


2 thoughts on “my warrior/37/soul love saga”

    1. it is isn’t it… I became totally entranced with this image of these two skeletons that were found interconnected in Italy I believe and i had to draw them. They were the oldest pair ever found together and I hope that they were left that way forever together as they should be. It is such a romantic thought of living and dying in the arms of someone you love and forever remaining that close….. it is made out of charcoal.


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