resend/37/soul love saga


P1010534 - Version 2


I resend my capabilities

devotional and lethargic

giving the most to the divine

and attracting the kind of abundance

one must work for

slow like honey and methodical

I go through my routines

hoping to find the morning sun

to awake me from this dream

laying in the arms so comfortable

if I ever had a doubt

I put my ear to his heart and listen

while the world tries to widdle away

at all that I have made

I listen to the beating

that keeps me safe

and smiles at this journey

because we are together

without regret

without reasons

that need to be defined

the world can continue to

widdle away

out of their own


but my bliss

is mine alone

to nurture

Four Days Awake
Four Days Awake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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