rise up/37/soul love saga

United States Capitol
United States Capitol (Photo credit: Jack in DC)
English: Kids at shore
English: Kids at shore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Old Growth Forest
Old Growth Forest (Photo credit: wackybadger)
The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...
The Earth flag is not an official flag, since there is no official governing body over Earth. The flag holds a photo transfer of a NASA image of the Earth on a dark blue background. It has been associated with Earth Day. Although the flag was originally copyrighted, a judge ruledhttp://www.tabberone.com/Trademarks/CopyrightLaw/Copyrightability/articles/EarthFlagVsAlamoFlag_A.shtml that the copyright was invalid. Earth Flag Ltd. v. Alamo Flag Co., 154 F. Supp. 2d 663 (S.D.N.Y. 2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The government is shutting down


down goes the poor

down goes social security


fuel assistance

to keep us warm

Down goes housing to keep us going

down goes me

working full time

getting paid by the secretary of state

I can’t afford to live with out supplements

3 kids + 3 foster kids

it is my choice to choose life

yet we are free falling out in the abyss

my mind is spinning out of control

national parks losing millions a day

congress is still getting paid

war is still a priority

as millions die without a cause

without a reason except treason

and bush era figures

while disabilities supersede because of

the environmental toxins thrown at us by


a failed sick care system

disguised as health care

should be universal care

so the government will have a reason to

take a stand against corporations

for damaging the populations

take a stand against

toxic waste dumps and chem trails

that leave our land and air polluted

killing our soil and saddening our souls

leaving fracking choices to men  far removed

from devotional land unbearable for even recreation

useless and devoid of life

take a stand against using the public

for pawns

cutting down old growth forest

and starting fires

clear cutting mountains  and lands

using up all the resources

with no implication

for future generations

someone will be held accountable

the fight to be right

between republicans and dems

wont matter when all is destroyed

who spent the money when

wasteland supersedes united states

apocalypse is sure to arise

slowly as fracking greedy ignorance


unless we can pave the way

mandatory recycling

for future generations

through environmentally friendly reasons

and decisions

through composting and rebuilding

from the ground up

stoping the war for oil and gas

creating solutions for long term health care

raise the prohibition on green economy

green flowers

for energy, biomass, materials, and medical

raise the awareness

raise the earth up

we are all interconnected

to our ancestors and

future generations

rise up and take a stand

for old growth

and the human rights

and education


9 thoughts on “rise up/37/soul love saga”

  1. This remind me of the American’s away…living on credit cards. . having more children that can’t be fed properly….cars ..houses etc….etc….in other words living a false dream builded on hope alone… Even God does not help those who refuse to use the free brain he gave them…


    1. for the most part yeah.. ironically the first one in each family was meant to happen my second I used two forms of birth control and third three. with my foster kids the last two were iud babes… crazy….

      Americans can be just as bad as the government with living beyond their means.. me personally I don’t have a credit card just student loans…but the government actually owes china billions of dollars. go figure on that one… we just opened up trade with this hostile brutal government now we are completely in debited to them?????? what the fuck


      1. Exactly. …but Americans are the government. ..it does not come from Mars and we do sleep with the enemy as well…when we vote…but then again…who is there worth voting for…bunch of half brain idiots. . Lol….


      2. seriously!!! I think they are idiots too!!! and yet I continue to get “f@#$@#” with no real pleasure because I know if I don’t vote than I have no reason to bitch. I think that the government is a very select few people ( corporations)who have no idea what america is really going through nor do they care what the consequences of their actions are as long as their pockets have spending money. Sadly it isn’t even our generation that is going to feel what is being done today if we don’t find a way to stop it. At least by voting they are knowing where our intentions are even if they are not listening


  2. Most of your words re dribble, do not make sense, so if you have foster kids as you call them, you get paid for fostering them, that’s extra money, a pensioner or vet gets less than you yet they fought hard to save our country .pensioners worked hard ALL THEIR lives for a pittance to live on and their savings and retirement etc is paying for YOU …personally I don’t have credit card either…IF you are serious on earning money study and do a caregiver course as its guaranteed work. And there’s millions of people who have had hard lives and you are blaming the world and government for your woes, so personally I think you have issues , OH and stop having kids…..


    1. my redribble and my procreation …
      my redribble as you called it is called poetry
      poetry is the way I view and process the world
      and everything that is going on around me.
      Foster care is work, it is caregiving in the most needed extreme way it is a 24 hour job that is a stipend of 20.79 a day. I did it to care for three little girls that needed a loving home and nurturing because their parents were extremely violent and pathologically sick. The money is to care for them. Even working full time caring for others kids I get paid by the state. Even working full time as I have getting paid by the state for seven years I get my benefits from graveling in public assistance lines to care for kids. when I did procreate I was married and didn’t expect my husband to turn into a junkie who I had to leave for our safety. He then disapeared to the woods of california and shits in a hole leaving me to care for three kids who have multiple disabilities. while doing this I have earned my bachelors degree. I am overly educated and quit my life for these children and obviously still not getting the respect I deserve. Yes I have issues and it comes dealing with ignorant fools that obviously have no idea that vets receive 1600 a month to live which is more than a child gets to be cared for without having to grovel for care. Both are just as needy and justified in needing care. There are millions of people who have a hard life and YES I DO HOLD THE GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE as they should be responsible for the choices that they make when it effects everyones life… Oh and i think you should stop having kids too because I don’t think your very nice nor do you encompass the name trinity as you should. Going around spreading negativity and destroying peoples art


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