Entrenched in/37/soul love saga


Entrenched in their

own ego

living amongst their lies of youth

they breath freely

and tight with me

with my ferocity

of weathered


protected by my chasm of love

a cave of walls

as they fought and clawed

their way to freedom

earned + undeserving

self serving in play

reflecting the tantrums

I needed to run



and throw myself into a lazy pile

in front of technology

instead of my meager hands

old and withered

before their time

working beyond their means

Remained focused on maintaining safety

for my children and my sisters

who had not been protected from violence

and decaying body

mind and spirit

I nourish these beings

in life tryin to hold my darkness at bay

filling their voids with my eyes and wrapping my arms around them

drying their tears with kisses

connecting their souls to light

planting seeds

in hopes that they will

thrive into the divine

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