day of the dead

Reckoning (Grateful Dead album)
Reckoning (Grateful Dead album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


the day of the dead

a day of reckoning

realizing all those have passed

are a thin veil away

a moment in time

passed and decayed

the day of the dead

honors all those who have passed

to the other side

another dimension

guiding through generations

gaps left through and through

my spirit guides are in tuned to my needs

I honor them

my ancestors they have shown me the way

I honor them

my past lives completes me

I honor them

this dimension I lift the veil

I fully see I am fully present

engaging all dimensions

through space and time

I engage all light energy

Lighting a candle

salt to water

water to salt

I purify thee

I seek to simplify

I seek to evoke the energies

of the past present and future

I seek guidence

Drawing my circle for protection

I call to them

I call out in prayer

in thanks

in gratitude

I burned sage and cleansed

my body spirit and mind

we wrote our intentions and burned them

releasing them to the universe





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