from the moment my eyes close

my rapid eye movement

declares my state of being

state of transition

between two world

between dimensions

euneirophrenia excludes nightmares

and past life experiences


it excludes the memories

that carry on

rest well

the peace of mind you desire is yours

meditate the golden light

saturates your being

your cells

your mind

sweet dreams


my cloud walker

my soul who thrives in my imagination

thrives not obeying the laws of society

look to her the


the nymph that toys with our spirit

walking in the woods

surrounded by nature surrounded

by nature

amused by recognize

in the haunter of life

in the haunter of society

a nymph in time

a nymph riding the currents of transition

searching the world for redamancy

searching the world for a love returned in full

Jaaneman for me the soul of me

my sweetheart

my love

the divine love

I feel for you

in my world

it is I quaintrelle

a woman who exposes my life of passion

and expression of my life’s pleasures

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