lies/37/soul love saga

enveloped with the sanctimonious air

I am feeling others wrath

their thoughts and choices

changing my life

their peon in power reasons

cause treasons unto my being

treasons against innocent lives

with her lies

being noble is no cause for their tossed


being good is no reason for their


doing and being more  than I ever thought

i could be

is no reason for their unwavering judgements

against me

actions that cease reason

words that are a crime

trying to tear apart my family

is of no value

for the community

no value for the relationships

i tended and fostered

my nights awake I saved my sleep

to tend others sheep

and didn’t receive

the rewards I deserved

my babes gone from my arms




my emptiness remains

silent in my ears

only my own children

and I left to pick up the pieces from

their foul mouth psychopathic delusions

lying with every breath

I wish to escape  her purger

run to an island and forget this


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