cream of Asparagus bisque


Yummy cream of asparagus soup

saute in half a stick of butter and 1/8 cup of olive oil

a cut a large portabella bella

cut a bunch of fresh asparagus

and a bulb of garlic chopped

a leak

Do these in order the amount of caramelizing is very important to taste…

until portabella  is caramelized and light brown

then add milk

until it covers all the veggies until you can’t see anymore.  I keep the heat on medium and let it evaporate until it is half way down the veggies  than cover again with milk and …

add potato flakes

be sure to get the ones without all the additives until desired thickness

to taste

nutritional yeast


sea salt ( I boiled mine right from the ocean myself!!!!)

turmeric ( this is a very healing herb, it reduce’s inflammation and helps maintain weight


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