deportation/ 38/ soul love saga

Deportation of the worlds most valuable resources

mined souls trying to live the american dream

risking lives just to get into this country

stay in this country

we are not who we say we are

kick the asses of the white face prosecutors

who take charge of the assassinations

alienations of the nation

this country is fed off of their blood

sweat and tears

their family lives in fears and squaller

hiding from the lack of papers trail

where genocides of the natives

are the american way

genocide of the natives

for land sake

so build your walls

make your rules

oppressors so you can keep them down

uneducated without transportation

keep them under minimum wage

working in fields of pesticides

and grains sprayed herbicides

while we pay

for their cancer treatments

and dis-ease

while corporation farms

and factory farms

go unaccountable

for their chemicals

Americans health declines

till we break the borders

the cartels will reign

till we break borders

the issue’s will remain the same

ancestors of the native Americans

walked this plain

back and forth and back and forth again

until we stop this genocide

the truth remains the same

we are not all native to this land

where did your ancestors come from?





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