dilution /soul love saga

the core moments of

delusion  inspired by

momentary observations

tossed aside

like broken bits of sleds at the bottom

of snow covered hills

capitalizing on the fact

that feverish notions

run ramped through altered motives

We can only fool ourselves for so long

pray and practice what we preach

but ultimately we have no say

even as parents

for the choices of others.

we can not rule over mental illness

we can not win

we can not even dare to dream

of normal



can not dare to dream

that one day

things will progress as fast as

a sled going godspeed down a hill

and this single mom

can breathe and dream

conversate with rationality

and dance without hesitation

that the next moment be laced with

unexpected behaviors

meant to torture my soul

diminish my spirit

working so hard to thrive

in a dismal landscape

barren and fridgid

with fear

and I prostrate

for a higher being

for sanctuary

this year




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