martyr/soul love saga


i’m no martyr in my farie way

I am no martyr in all I say

Im the artist in the middle of the night

painting the universe with delight

because through it all

I know what only I can do

paint the black stars between the light

paint the sparkle

that reflects in my families eyes

while poetry rains down

around me

all my wish’s wondering through

like intentions and blessings


smoke that drifts

carrying our messages to the heavens

I glean meaning from everyday stock

I glean love from movies

cause I can’t find it around here.

sentiments that drift

like a clippership on the waves

somethings that were never meant to be

are just not happening now

I paint the universe the stars and the moon

with the delight that renders my soul pure

everything that was ever meant to be

I hold my breath in the tide

let the waves

saturate all that I never wanted

leaving me to be

who I am

who we are



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