moments of truth/38/soul love saga

random regal justifications

for ethereal seeming spring 2013 110

moments of truth that crush the heart

a smile, a touch an extra word

that really reminds you are alone on this journey

that the one crush is not yours to dream of

even though all the fireworks were there before.

never mind the load you carry is to heavy to do it alone

and too much to ask of anyone

and not just to anyone you ask

strength in character and a willingness to accept and grow

dedication to life and family with a calming demeanor

ethereal moments revived as friendships are reaffirmed

and followed, nurtured and thrive

under the most hostile of human conditions

through moments of listening and

intriguing considerations

the movement that one shares time

or responsibility

lifts a finger and helps

ease the burdens that you have seen carrying alone

for so long

so long I know what that is like

only to be discovered moments too late

being human unable to communicate




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