Cacao/ 38 / soul love saga


My curiosities provoked

It’s tantalizing how the chocolate fell on my tongue

memorizing me

My taste buds erect

salivating at the bitterness

combined with the melting thickness

covering all my points of being

interests prescribed

Believing in this sacred ritual

That arose from a cup of well being

a cup that nourishes the mind, body and soul

cacao with a little sweetness

a little cream and spice to warm you

inside and out

rev your metabolism

mend a broken heart

savoring each sensual sip


This valentines day I was snowed in with my boys. We didn’t get down on the whole mass consumption of the holiday. Instead we watched movies while I did Homework. In the afternoon my cravings took over and discovered a way to make

pure cacao chocolate.

By combining 1 tblsp of cacao powder to

1 tblsp of oil… coconut oil or hemp are really tasty

I tblsp of sweetener…coconut sugar and maple syrup both come from trees and both have  vitamins and minerals, stevia has no calories and works well too.

This will harden, or you can add it to a cup or two of warm milk for chocolate milk… Yummy


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