local flavors/ 38/soul love saga


This is the place where the past and present collide.

A uniform meeting of the minute displacement of the minds.

A travesty yet to unwind like government time.

Brass buckled beginning with the corner cupboard

the Soundly Sirens opened to cafe KoKo

like Gershwins Rhapsody in the blue

the spring will sing the songs needed to be sung

missing from the depths of unconsciousness

are the answers that have yet to reveal

the truth

awkward and present

singing melodies that will lull the passerby

provoking indigent notions of what is meant to be.

Natures repeating designs yet to be redundant

like words of a paragraph, not a poem

or song that create rhythms the

mystify the mind

the paint and people change

the customers stay the same.

yet the feeling remains..

The coffee smell fills each crevis

good looking eclectic people spending

indifferent waking moments

sipping in bliss

eating local flavors


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