Wild flowers poke their green from under the snow ready to grow.

ready to thrive in this desolote winter scene

As if spring will never come the birds and I are ready.

Ready to fufill our dreams. Taste the seeds

taste the nectar that flows into the flowers ready to bloom.

The challange makes us rise. Rise to be free.

The freedom of the sun escaping the clouds escaping winters icy grasp

The freedom of warmth that finds it’s way to warm my naked legs.

My bare skin that shows warms and glows bronzed and burning

The heat yet dicerning

You won’t hear me complain at the suns grace.

Escaping this paradise to render me complete

to shine on my garden

I’ll be careful to tend my wild garden too, strawberries, dandelions and astaria.

Just let that spring sun shine gracefully down

where it hasn’t shown in so long.


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