finding a deeper level of humanity~Keep your head and heart open

is it more than meetings

random happenings

and sage beginnings

did I give you all of me

out of love or dispare

then carnage of civility canvases

the grounds

only to discover that what

was laying within

was more ornate and beautiful

than just a handsome face to look at

Had I stuck to my topical fascination

my life would have guaranteed to mislead me

my judgements eluded me and my prayers

would not have been answered

Keeping my mind opened

my expectations off in the distance

I dissolute this enchantment

Im not good at one night stands

laying my heart on the line

I took a chance

featuring a mind blowing experience

within the festivals of life

our ages as separate as our lives

connecting on a deeper level

of humanity

spirituality that explores

the depths of human nature

for good and bad


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