Bella terra

I have pondered this incredible journey

before and now

with every breath I knew

if I held out long enough that I would find it

the right steps to take me to bella terra

the right steps to bring you to me.

This most sacred connection that is so foreign to both of us

Instead of fighting we are just going with it

enjoying not knowing

enjoying each other

We take so much pleasure sharing words and time

dancing all night long

disrobing and loving

conversations so sweet

full of truth

leave me with the most

Indescribable feeling.

love against all odds

awakening against all matter

the city scape meets country

where we meet between ages

is defying all bounds of reason


2 thoughts on “Bella terra”

    1. Thank you Patty!! I have been inspired by an amazing man I met at Bella Terra who is rocking my world!… He has risen the bar so high with truth and respect + I could never have imagined. glad I opened my heart .. Thanks patty g for responding~Michelle


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