Earth warrior clarity

garbage faries
garbage fairies

Im a spirtual gangsta

Watching  video’s online

cuz they don’t play them on mtv anymore …

I see a mass consumerism

of materialism

brought about through

the cultural use

of non recyclable plastic…….

spending all your time and money

partying away your life within shallow degree’s….

I party with pride and dignity

of a higher vibration

of people

Inspiring the greater good from everyone…

Gleaning natures way.

Sure I played

tho I smarten up

an awaking I am proud of ……

More than how much?

How fast ?

How callous I can be?

How much can I use? IMG_4878

I glean nature rather than stores..

Within a gallant effort of mass consciousness

a whole society can be raised

to care as opposed to destroying the world. …

Watching the mind bending actions of popular cultures

mainstream makes me scream!!!

The colours un natural and fake with high maintenance.

I am part of mother natures army

mother natures army~ Sarah Peck
mother natures army~ Sarah Peck

an earth warrior

to end the world of decay!

I am part of the solution

not the problem with every step I take part….

Big thanks to the garbage faries

that grace the way

cleaning up the world making it a better day…. IMG_4876

Working on this spiritual evolution

sacred holistic arts

symbols of clarity

stop bitching

start a revolution…

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