Ragged and worn/ quantum spirituality

puzzle peices Ragged and worn

Little imperfect pieces of the puzzle rAgged and worn
Tossed and turned until it fits just right engaged and ridged
Racing to make sense of reasons

running  rhythmic

at synapses  in my brain

pulsing with enlightenment
engaging neurons
composing lyrics

that drift

on the escapades of my souls journey
A dance for which we can all partake
Music which sings in decibels

that heals
my heart
my mind and embodies me and my family
Singing as loudly as my voice will carry
Singing as loudly as I can
to heal my heart and sew my wounds
With threads full of magik knotted
in accomplishments
knotted in forbearance
that only survival can bear witness to this cross
Like a road diverged in complexity
Fires that ravage sanctuary
Teaching us

the only thing that matters

is our beings
Our bodies held sacred
in the arms of the community

we have given so
much too sacrifice
In return we are given what we need

for  a higher mind I prostrate
I prostrate for a higher mind
sacrifice for a stronger family
stronger families sacrifice
support for a community of well being
being well
rising for service
rising vibrations
raising vibrations
rising voices

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