Painting the world

(~):)This video is about The painting life made for ‘A holistic approach to creativity’ https://sacredholisticarts.coursesites/ An online community full of awakenend artist’s on the path…Thank you so much ‪#‎BryanJorgenson‬ ‪#‎symbolsofclarity‬ for painting my van it changes faces everywhere I go. Platric Glascoe and Eli Ray thank you for your tickets to insperation… Big thank you for all the extra shots ‪#‎zaroma‬ bryan and ‪#‎LaraWatson‬. Thank you ‪#‎Lowellpartyband‬, ‪#‎Phish‬ for the music I am absolutely in awe… I am so grateful for all those who share in my journey… IF i forgot anyone let me know…. Love and light


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