ageless fading

Is it the misappropriation of time that we  gather the herbs for rituals sake?

Just to make tea for dreamscape.

A mention of unrealistic expectations

has us absorbing the mirror’s reflection

and wonder aghastly

what it is that daunts us?

Where most don’t care

but who we are to them

and what they can recieve from us.

The dimples, sags, lines and creveses that falter our skin

as we age in time judging

all we see and grasp as our hands make work meaningless

in the grand scheme of things.

The numbers on the scale tell us false hoods.

What does it all really mean?

I feel better at this weight

than I did being skinny in my prime.

I can run the distance and dance a mile

but my body leaves clues resembling my age.

Swimming in agelessness

I call clothes hiding the forms of supplication.

Open up to the stars that alighn us.

The moon that moves us

and the sun that I gravitate towards.

I worship them all in their glory.

Still as I age the grace that carried me this far

helps me rage.

I still have yet to figure it all out.

Falling into routines,

I keep my head open for change.

New habits to health transitions of Death.

trying to tease time

with ascention on my mind

heart to heart

We create our own bondage

in retaliation of our dreams.

Daring for moments of time to furnish reality

keeping up with appearances

with niave momentum.

Shouting directions to listless ears

creating more realities for the retaliation of our dreams

in order to serve a purpose

not clearly defined

in momentary reaction

to this stimuli

that dulls the spirit.

The chemical lullaby that shatters our twilights

so we can sleep

sleep off this life that is sleepless and dreamless


wake up and live!

live pure and free

from bondage~

following your path

not like drones that signify your status

but like the divine creatures of creation

that paint the world

in search of happieness

and connection

heart to heart hugs

Dance with me

like youve never danced before

salicous secrets

pottery and solace

Do you shave your legs for a first date with an ex?

He was salacious in phrases.

Memories that taunt the very being of my soul

Of who I am now and then.

Eyes that would wound hero’s .

The only man I smiled at

who pointed a gun at my heart

helping me mend

as  I had been broken into a million pieces

by a soul mates kiss goodbye.

tTmpting me out of hiding

squeezing into the deepest parts of my body

eliminating the very essence that broke me

his healing hands graced my body

with the strength of a noble man

with the endurance that would rock

a shadow from its place attached

to the human side of my will.

I never forgot

the smell of food to my starving self

hunger so violent

I tossed it away with my freedom

the way he handled me

in a game of cards.

Claiming territories

Giving me a picture to store

memories for all to see.

would we have made it

before we grew up?

racing around in circles

going nowhere?

Catalyst/38/soul love saga

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The laugh of a child,

the smile of a new being when you kiss their toes

that makes life worth it.

The dance of the gyspy

or records spinning on a player,

live music reverberating through the dimensions that

permeate your being, alter your cells, sync with your heart.

loss of the fathers that lead in this disillusion of life

I use to watch in awe and wonder how it would be

to have had someone catch me when I fall?

A river gaining momentum

changing ways forever

when all cells combined

in effort to move

uses vibration as a catalyst

to produce this poem

turn on a light

alter your mind to

elevate levels of consciousness.

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appetite for desire/ Soul love saga/39

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 Sweet salacious beginnings

caught in momentary mavericks..

Gaining substantial lights in the dream scape of the land…

Gaining passion as these days surmount

                                        to nothing less than greatness.

I have traveled the world

and want to be nowhere else                 but in your arms.

After the smiles have come and gone;

What is real

is the heart-felt desire

that doesn’t disappear

in time.

All brought back by a melody

or a smile

that sheds more light

on the art we shared.

Looking for more than signs

or words without actions

You are where you want to be in your journey

in my life

in our adventure.

Graced with curiosity and resilience

my tears flow like the waterfall that

lulls me to sleep

in a…

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