appetite for desire/ Soul love saga/39

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 Sweet salacious beginnings

caught in momentary mavericks..

Gaining substantial lights in the dream scape of the land…

Gaining passion as these days surmount

                                        to nothing less than greatness.

I have traveled the world

and want to be nowhere else                 but in your arms.

After the smiles have come and gone;

What is real

is the heart-felt desire

that doesn’t disappear

in time.

All brought back by a melody

or a smile

that sheds more light

on the art we shared.

Looking for more than signs

or words without actions

You are where you want to be in your journey

in my life

in our adventure.

Graced with curiosity and resilience

my tears flow like the waterfall that

lulls me to sleep

in a…

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