salicous secrets

pottery and solace

Do you shave your legs for a first date with an ex?

He was salacious in phrases.

Memories that taunt the very being of my soul

Of who I am now and then.

Eyes that would wound hero’s .

The only man I smiled at

who pointed a gun at my heart

helping me mend

as  I had been broken into a million pieces

by a soul mates kiss goodbye.

tTmpting me out of hiding

squeezing into the deepest parts of my body

eliminating the very essence that broke me

his healing hands graced my body

with the strength of a noble man

with the endurance that would rock

a shadow from its place attached

to the human side of my will.

I never forgot

the smell of food to my starving self

hunger so violent

I tossed it away with my freedom

the way he handled me

in a game of cards.

Claiming territories

Giving me a picture to store

memories for all to see.

would we have made it

before we grew up?

racing around in circles

going nowhere?

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