My deepest gratitude

It is only in my deepest gratitude

do I find the strength for prayer.
Mantra’s to clear my mind
create the patterns in my head
speaking my mind

sets me free to others in kind.
My intentions are kind
my rage is furious and sad
but I release it to the universe
and beg for forgivness.
I channel the mythical
giving birth to the
Timeless mystical lyric
Ocean moon soul day dreamer
and the gypsy earth magik
The drum ravishes the laughter in my head
only when I sit in a circle does my mind
sit in silence


One thought on “My deepest gratitude”

  1. Reblogged this on Crowningshield's Blog and commented:

    adding this to #Quantum spirituality as I am about to republish this book after a long year of making video’s and magik I want to add a few. This is going under rituals. One of my favorite rituals is to give gratitude even when gratitude is not due:) Without gratitude we are nothing and nothing we have means anything.


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