I love to hurt/In the beguining / soul love saga

I love to hurt
Love has been a terrible thing
It makes you hate
It makes you sing
It makes friend ships sink
Sometimes it brings people to merge lives.
Sometimes it tears lives apart.
Love and liars

I love to hurt
love patients is needed when love is here
never fear
Waiting around the corner
Love is a never ending story
Bringing tears to my eyes
Of joy and hate
Tears that still have no color
when you fall out of love

I want to feel free
like the many a nights
that I walked these familiar streets
I’ve ran with the moon the stars and the air
openly surrounding me
with only a small price to pay
Experiencing only the highs of life
with the lowest outcomes
having that freedom
erased my worries
As I escaped reality ,
stumbling away.
Constantly changing and adapting
learnin my own true being
new dedication
owed to myself,
time to regain
energy to continue in this life.


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